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Salesforce Beneficiary Tracking for Nonprofits

Beneficiary Tracking for Nonprofits using Salesforce The Main Business is Beneficiaries The goal of nonprofits is to meet the needs of the community or particular members of society. We refer to the members as beneficiaries because they benefit from the cause. They may include students in a dilapidated society, small-scale…
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Salesforce Program Management for Nonprofits

What is Program Management and why is it important for Non-profit organizations? Non-profit organizations offer programs or projects which are ongoing, major services, or projects which go towards meeting a certain need in society. The requirements range from timely results, efficiency in the delivery of services and products, and effective…
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What is a Customer Relationship Management Software?

What is a Customer Relationship Management Software? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is a technology designed to assist organizations improve their client’s relationships and interactions. It helps to connect customers, understand their needs which leads to streamlined processes, increase in profits, and customer development. CRM gathers customer interactions at a…
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zoho Salesforce Training CRM Wezana

Zoho CRM sales process 101

Zoho CRM focuses on the automation of processes, engagement with customers on social media and other platforms, customer support, analysis, and reports. All these applications are compacted into one powerful tool that helps to organize your business and realize increased growth and productivity.
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Salesforce CRM Training Wezana

Salesforce Training

Wezana Salesforce Training Do you dream of having an automated customer management system? One that you could easily pull information with a few clicks? Generate quick reports or analysis? One that could help you maximize your resources on a particular lead or opportunity? One that could help you see where…
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Power of us - Salesforce Wezana

Power of Us Program Application

salesforce power of us application What is power of us? One way Salesforce empowers communities around the world is through the Power of Us program. Power of Us program gives Non-Profit organizations and education institutions access to Salesforce products and resources. Some Benefits that Come With Power of Us 10…
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Slack Salesforce Wezana

Impact of Slack Acquisition to Salesforce Users

The Acquisition Salesforce recently acquired Slack in a mega, USD27.7B deal, making it the CRM giant’s most recent acquisition. Slack is a channel-based messaging platform. With Slack, people can work together more effectively, connect all their software tools and services, and find the information they need to do their best…
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