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While the first thing people think of Salesforce is it being a B2B platform, over the years Salesforce have worked have to prove they are much more than that. Salesforce assists non-profits in various ways. One of the most notable ways is through the Power of Us program, through which it gives 10 free Salesforce subscriptions and deep discounts on items to the qualified non-profits. The Power of Us Program offers access to Salesforce products and services for Nonprofit organizations and Educational institutions to help broaden their collective effect through the Non Profit Cloud.

Non-profit Cloud is a set of technologies by Salesforce that helps non-profits to meet their challenges by evaluating and managing their programs effectively. It provides non-profit features such as Impact Management, Grant Management, Advocacy, Marketing Automation, Community Platforms, Customized Journey Management, Donation Management, Monitoring and Analysis, Income Management, Donor Participation, Service Delivery, Volunteer Management, Fund Raising, and more.

The complete package of the Power of Us Program incorporates:

  • Discounts on multiple Salesforce Training
  • Discounts on paid AppExchange Apps and consulting partners programs
  • 10 donated free Enterprise Edition Licenses.
  • Discounts on Salesforce products and additional services Deep Discounts on Salesforce Events

Overall Criteria to be eligible: You must be recognised as a charitable, nonprofit, nongovernmental, educational, or social change organization in the country where you are located. This includes public or private nonprofit primary, secondary, and higher education organizations and institutions.

Your organization must provide legal documentation showing that you meet the above criteria. See below for specific eligibility requirements.

If countries do not have an official registry for these types of entities, then the organization’s legal documentation (see below) must specify that the entity is established for these purposes:

  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Similar legal documentation with financial statements declaring their mission and primary operating purpose as a nonprofit, charitable organization, or public educational institution.

Non-profits consider Salesforce the World’s #1 CRM for program management because it is a cloud platform that helps them record their projects and desired goals in a centralized place. With Program Management Module, they can check the needs and analyze their projects for the best results. Salesforce offers a free platform using the open-source program that helps the non-profits to focus on their goals. It supports tracking of programs, program engagements, service deliveries, and cohorts. It extends with Salesforce’s program management solutions as programs grow and help non-profits to make better decisions by viewing all projects and data from a single system.

At Wezana, we focus on partnering with non-profit agencies to help change the lives of the communities around us, locally and internationally by leveraging Salesforce Non-profit Cloud. Engage us today by contacting us here.

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