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Do you dream of having an automated customer management system? One that you could easily pull information with a few clicks? Generate quick reports or analysis? One that could help you maximize your resources on a particular lead or opportunity? One that could help you see where to venture and make the best of your capital? Or, do you desire to excel in Salesforce Certifications exams? We dream of that too, and we are glad to have Salesforce Training to make your dreams come true.

Let’s start from the top

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is arguably the best cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM, for short) software in the world. It is a complete CRM solution that you can access anywhere with the internet thus making it easy to work with. It is highly customizable, fast in the delivery of results, and effective in meeting your customer’s needs.  Various other benefits such as customer support, quick & real-time analysis, generation of reports, and integration with third-party apps, make it the best CRM software. If you aren’t on board then we hope to be your gateway to this amazing platform.

So, who should use Salesforce?

As you already know, Salesforce is for you, whether an expert or a beginner, it’s generally for everyone who has a passion for CRM and cloud computing. However, starting and adopting Salesforce in your day to day activities might be onerous and taxing, especially if you don’t have the resources or qualified personnel. That’s where Wezana Solutions comes in – to walk with you and make this journey smoother and enjoyable as it should be. If you are a single user, a group that wants to manage a business together, or a company that desires to use Salesforce, then you could choose the edition of Salesforce that has features that you require and which will help you meet your objectives. But don’t worry about that, we will give you the best advice on Salesforce CRM which will enable you to choose and give you a cutting-edge in customer relationship management.

Getting Certified as a Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce certification is an industry-standard. It shows clients and management that you understand the platform in a certain way. The various roles with certifications in Salesforce are: Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Marketer, Salesforce Developer, and Salesforce Architect. Getting accredited as a Salesforce Administrator is the first step. Wezana Solutions focuses on Salesforce training that combines the two – a deeper understanding of the platform and a better grasp to get Salesforce certified. We know that your journey to acquiring Salesforce Administrator Certification should be a stepping stone to advancing your career. Wezana Solutions Salesforce Training will not only ensure you get certified as a Salesforce Administrator but also give you hands-on skills that will help you in the corporate world or grow your business.

Certain benefits that come with Salesforce Administrator Certification:

  1. Become more marketable. You, therefore, can demand more pay or take up your desired career path.
  2. Gain more knowledge that benefits you and your company. You sharpen your skills and increase the efficiency of the business operations.
  3. Be considered an expert in your field.
  4. Stay ahead of the curve with the updated knowledge and skills. Salesforce Administrator Certification authenticates your suggestions and plans on any given project.
  5. Your understanding as a Salesforce Administrator helps you to maintain the structure of your company and track your team’s activities. Thus, you reach your goal faster as a company.

Why train with Wezana Solutions?

Wezana Solutions is for you. Our name Wezana means enabling one another or equalizing. We would love for you to be enabled and at par with the best. You come first to us and we put our best foot forward. With our certified partners, we’ll ensure that you walk shoulder high as a certified Salesforce Administrator. Our team has been using Salesforce CRM for the last 10 years offering consultancy from project points and end-user points.  We have understood the hiccups that arise when using Salesforce and how to leverage that to work for you. We would love for you to have the same expertise, if not better.


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