Empowering Basic Needs Basic Rights (BNBR) with Salesforce for Non-Profits (NPSP)

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Case Studies

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Wezana Solutions partnered with BNBR to develop and implement a tailored Salesforce for Non-Profits (NPSP) solution, addressing the organization’s specific needs.


Basic Needs Basic Rights (BNBR) Kenya is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with mental health conditions, those at risk of developing these conditions, and their caregivers through various mental health initiatives. To streamline their operations and achieve greater impact, BNBR recognized the need for a comprehensive system that could manage Monitoring & Evaluation, Program Management, Community Engagement, and Service Delivery. They turned to Wezana Solutions, a certified Salesforce developer, to help build an integrated solution tailored to their unique requirements.

  • Programme Management, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Basic Needs, Basic Rights
  • April 2023 - July 2023
  • https://basicneedskenya.org/


BNBR faced several challenges that necessitated the implementation of a robust Salesforce for Non-Profits (NPSP) integration:

  1. Data Management: With a growing projects portfolio, managing program data, grant details, and community engagement information across disparate tools and spreadsheets was increasingly becoming cumbersome and prone to errors.
  2. Limited Collaboration: Lack of a centralized system hindered effective collaboration among team members, leading to inefficiencies in program planning and execution.
  3. Reporting and Monitoring: BNBR needed a system that could provide real-time insights, dashboards, and reports to track program performance and impact accurately.
  4. Data Security: Ensuring data security, backup, and accessibility were critical to safeguard sensitive information and maintain operational continuity.
  5. User Training: Preparing staff and administrators for the adoption of a new system required comprehensive training and ongoing support.

Solution Deliverables:

Monitoring & Evaluation:

Resource Allocation: Wezana implemented resource allocation to impactful programs, enabling BNBR to focus on areas with the greatest impact.
Impact Reporting: The system allowed for verifiable impact reporting, with an impact dashboard for quick insights.
Success Documentation: Best practices and success stories were collated and documented for future reference.

Program Management Module (PMM)

Workflow Design: Wezana created workflows to streamline program planning, implementation, and monitoring.
Beneficiary Database: A comprehensive database of program beneficiaries was established, ensuring easy access and management.
Risk Management: The system facilitated risk identification, issue tracking, and change management.
Audit and Evaluation Framework: A robust framework was designed to support comprehensive program audits and evaluations.
Reporting: Customizable reports and dashboards enabled BNBR to track program objectives and performance effectively.

Robust Reporting and Dashboard Capabilities:

Management Reports: BNBR had access to management, decision support, and transactional reports in their preferred formats.
Analytics Tools: Dashboards with visualization tools provided valuable insights.

Non-Profit CRM Security Protocols:

Data Security: Security protocols such as Single Sign-On, Audit Logs, Login History, and Field History Tracking were implemented to safeguard data.

Collaboration & Engagement:

Tools Configuration: Collaboration and engagement tools were configured for different objects, facilitating communication tracking.
Analytics: BNBR could now access engagement analytics and metrics, enhancing their communication strategies.

User Management:

Customizable User Roles: The system offered customizable user roles with varying permission levels, ensuring data security.
Performance Metrics: Staff and user performance metrics were tracked and reported within the system.


The collaboration between BNBR and Wezana Solutions resulted in a transformative Salesforce for Non-Profits (NPSP) integration:

Efficient Operations: BNBR now manages programs, grants, and community engagement seamlessly within a single Salesforce for Non-Profits (NPSP) instance.
Enhanced Collaboration: Team members can collaborate effectively, improving program planning and execution.
Real-time Insights: With robust reporting and dashboard capabilities, BNBR gains real-time insights into program performance and impact.
Data Security: The implemented security protocols ensure data integrity and accessibility.
User Empowerment: Comprehensive training has empowered BNBR staff and administrators to utilize the platform effectively.
Wezana is always hitting the mark!


Wezana Solutions’ partnership with BNBR exemplifies the power of Salesforce for Non-Profits (NPSP) integration in enhancing the efficiency and impact of nonprofit organizations. By addressing BNBR’s unique challenges and requirements, the integrated system has become a catalyst for BNBR’s mission, allowing them to focus on what matters most: improving the lives of those they serve.

What the client had to say about us

Wezana was supportive and were able to guide us through the project. We got all the support we wanted and are now happy to be hosted on Salesforce. We hope that through continued use of the system we will expand our work beyond the scope of phase 1 development and integrate most of not most of our operations as an organization to be hosted on Salesforce.`
Jefferson Ponde
Program Manager

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