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Reports and Dashboards for Nonprofits

Salesforce Reports

Reports are important for organizations to showcase the analysis of programs or projects so that they can develop measures that will help it to grow. A good report shows areas that need to be worked on and areas to maximize for better results. Salesforce reports give access to data and one can use any set of records to show in easy-to-understand formats.


Salesforce Reports Benefits

  1. Offers a real-time analysis of the organization.
  2. Helps with the tracking of beneficiaries, donations, and contracts.
  3. Is customizable and understandable. Different nonprofits have different analysis needs. The reports and dashboards help to dissect data for teams and departments. They help to customize the required information by giving the desired output for analysis.
  4. Increases communication in the organization since stakeholders of the report would want to understand the results and at the same would like to see a representation of what they require.
  5. Increases productivity by evaluating the organization’s performance and pointing out the areas that need improvement.
  6. Helps to manage resources required to achieve the organization’s goals.
  7. Saves time and money by allowing people to spend more time on growing their organization.


Salesforce dashboards

Salesforce dashboards help one to visually present multiple reports for users to quickly notice the trends of certain sets of data. Visual display of reports on the Salesforce dashboard has benefits ranging from the quick presentation of real-time reports and presentation of the organization’s performance to potential donors.


Salesforce Dashboards Benefits

  1. Allows one to see a quick overview of the organization’s performance. Since there are lots of data added daily, it may be difficult to run through all the analysis. Dashboards help the stakeholders to quickly understand their position on a certain program.
  2. The dashboards are customizable because nonprofit organizations and other companies have different objectives. Thus, the customized dashboards would help them view the important information and that will help them make decisions.
  3. Makes it possible for decisionmakers to get real-time reports of the organization’s performance.
  4. Since Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, the dashboards as well as reports can be accessed from anywhere thereby eliminating the cost of installation of software or hardware.
  5. Data is secure because of the cybersecurity levels put in place.


Salesforce offers reporting capabilities that help meet the needs of nonprofit organizations through the Nonprofit Success Pack. To set up reports for nonprofit, you could use – NPSP Reports Workbook.


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