Salesforce Program Management for Nonprofits

What is Program Management and why is it important for Non-profit organizations?

Non-profit organizations offer programs or projects which are ongoing, major services, or projects which go towards meeting a certain need in society. The requirements range from timely results, efficiency in the delivery of services and products, and effective use of scarce resources. Non-profits should examine and evaluate a program for effectiveness and efficiency. The link between the organization and the society is a well-managed program that will enable the non-profit to reach their goal.


Most times, various departments run the projects which offer various skills and techniques to meet the desired outcomes. Program management helps to monitor and analyze the progress of projects by centralization so that all teams can access it at any time. However, non-profits may have very few resources for their projects in terms of human capital or finances. Management is therefore required.


Salesforce Non-profit Cloud, Salesforce NPSP and Program Management Module

Non-profit Cloud is a set of technologies by Salesforce that helps non-profits to meet their challenges by evaluating and managing their programs effectively. They include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Communities, and products built for non-profits such as Salesforce Program Management and Case Management. The solutions met by Non-profit Cloud are such as engagement, fundraising, and program management.


Non-profit Cloud helps to manage various projects using the Salesforce Program Management Module. In the case of delivering services, Non-profit Cloud Case Management assists with handling huge caseload and evaluation of the next best steps. Salesforce offers non-profit organizations a product known as Service Cloud to help them give consistent support to their communities. Using Salesforce for program management helps the non-profits to track, manage, and coordinate their volunteers. Also, non-profits use Salesforce to generate reports that inform the various departments of their status in terms of progress and use of resources.


The Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) is Salesforce’s free and open source for non-profits. It helps the non-profit to expand its operations, enables the staff and volunteers, and connects with the community to meet their needs. The NPSP is compatible with, but not a prerequisite to install, Project Management Module. Non-profits use Program Management Module to offer human and social services. Program Management Module is a free product that is open source for Salesforce and customized to meet the needs of the organization.


Ways Non-profits Use Salesforce for Program Management

Non-profits can use Salesforce Non-profit Cloud for relevant information for donation and management of constituents. They are also able to store and manage all their data. Plus, non-profits could also integrate with other tools and platforms such as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. In addition to that, Salesforce’s AppExchange would give several tools to help in solving other problems in the organization. The tools in Salesforce Cloud are useful for sending targeted singular and mass emails using stored email templates. Automated notifications are set up to help keep the organization informed of any donations made to fund their cause.


Non-profits consider Salesforce the World’s #1 CRM for program management because it is a cloud platform that helps them record their projects and desired goals in a centralized place. With Program Management Module, they can check the needs and analyze their projects for the best results. Salesforce offers a free platform using the open-source program that helps the non-profits to focus on their goals. It supports tracking of programs, program engagements, service deliveries, and cohorts. It extends with Salesforce’s program management solutions as programs grow and help non-profits to make better decisions by viewing all projects and data from a single system.


At Wezana, we focus on partnering with these non-profit agencies to help change the lives of the communities around us, locally and internationally by leveraging Salesforce Non-profit Cloud. Engage us today to start your journey of an effective program for your non-profit.


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