Salesforce Beneficiary Tracking for Nonprofits

Beneficiary Tracking for Nonprofits using Salesforce

The Main Business is Beneficiaries

The goal of nonprofits is to meet the needs of the community or particular members of society. We refer to the members as beneficiaries because they benefit from the cause. They may include students in a dilapidated society, small-scale farmers who need to be supported, homeless persons, people ailing from a certain condition, or unemployed youth. Nonprofits analyze whether they are impacting society by having one-on-one on-site surveys or online forms. However, the approaches might not be informative to help improve the organization’s approach that would better meet the needs of the beneficiaries.


What is beneficiary tracking?

Beneficiary tracking or beneficiary monitoring is set to track beneficiaries’ perceptions of the project or program. It evaluates the program by checking feedbacks and complaints mechanisms. Nonprofits seek to improve the delivery of their services by listening to the insights given by the beneficiaries. Beneficiary monitoring helps to take into account the ideas and insights of beneficiaries who daily experience the challenge of lacking capital or access to resources. They can provide platforms for beneficiaries to share their stories and what they would expect from the nonprofits. The organizations and agencies would take the information and plan on working towards enhancing their services.

Most nonprofits may easily setup Salesforce’s NPSP that tracks donor insights using donation management. Salesforce provides the platform for client tracking. It assists nonprofit to record beneficiary data, service or product delivery date, progress monitoring, and centralized information. This ensures that there is updated information for specific beneficiaries and reduces errors that may occur when updating manually on spreadsheets.


Using Nonprofit Cloud Case Management for Beneficiary Tracking

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud Case Management helps the providers to monitor the beneficiaries. The product by Salesforce focuses on giving the best services to their clients or beneficiaries. As a centralized system, it makes it easier for nonprofits to manage huge caseloads like tracking donations such as food, toiletries, or money. Users can log in to their homepage and get quick updates on what requires immediate attention making it easy for them to plan their day. Case Management gives personal plans that focus on meeting their client’s needs. It could help them organize for training that would help in educating the clients on a specific item. They easily can assist in tracking the client using the contact information and shows the progress of the client by taking note of what has been or has not been met. The tool can track the personal information and help the Using unique Client IDs, the case manager has an easy time updating the information of their beneficiaries.



The product also offers an analysis tool that helps them capture the baseline status such as their health or income status and visualizes the progress of their beneficiaries, that is, how it changes over time. Tracking of campaigns, training, and performance can be accessed directly on the platform using the reports. The quick and timely reports assist decisionmakers to make quick decisions based on the factual record and hence effectively meet the objectives of the nonprofit.

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